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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Tracy Abbott

Second Advisor

Hisham Said


Due to the growing student body within Santa Clara University's School of Engineering, an increase in classrooms, laboratories, offices, and study spaces is needed to for student engineering resources. The objective of the Bannan Engineering Laboratories Redesign is to provide a preliminary structural design and corresponding construction management schedule and budget as an alternative to the existing single-story Bannan Engineering Laboratories building. The proposed design consists of three floors of versatile spaces: one basement and two stories above ground. The 160-ft by 68-ft building features eleven hybrid classroom/laboratories in the basement, seven standard classrooms on the first floor, fourteen faculty offices on the second floor, five open collaboration/study areas throughout the building, and an open outdoor patio. This resulted in over 32,000 square feet of versatile space, designed to be convertible for classroom, laboratory, or general office use, a 300% increase in comparison to the current Bannan Engineering Laboratories building. The preliminary structural design consists of analysis and design calculations and for the structure's steel beams, girders, and columns, and the seismic design of special concentric braced frames. To insure construction feasibility, the project scope also includes an introductory construction schedule and a building cost estimate. The projected cost is $1.1 million for the structural steel and structural concrete, with an expected estimated time frame of 15 months.