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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Tracy Abbott

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Hisham Said


The Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center was built in 1999. At approximately 45,000 SF, the building cost was 8.8 million dollars. Malley includes three full length basketball courts, locker rooms, 10,000 ft2 workout and cardio space, a multi-purpose room and administrative offices ("Santa Clara University" Campus Recreation). Although one of the relatively new buildings on campus; Malley fails to provide the necessary space and accommodations of an active and growing student body. When the building was designed and built, the student population/enrollment of the University was "approximately 4,200 undergraduate and 3,600 graduate students" (Santa Clara University Bulletin 1999). Since that time, the university has grown to "5,250 undergraduate students and 3,269 graduate students" (Santa Clara University Bulletin 2014). Further, per the Santa Clara University enrollment plan, the university plans to expand student enrollment by ten percent by 2020, which would bring the total number of undergraduates to around 6,000. This is an increase of almost 50% in number of students, since Malley was originally designed ("Santa Clara University" - Enrollment Plan 2014). Renovations and new construction projects, including two new residence halls and new educational buildings, are planned to help support this enrollment growth. Yet, while these new facilities will satisfy the educational needs, recreational facilities cannot be ignored.