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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Steve Chiesa

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Rachel He


This project revolves around the planning and design of a low-environmental impact neighborhood district in the northwestern part of Gilroy, California. This development is on the southeast corner of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Day Road, across from Christopher High School. Not only is it essential to design a family-friendly neighborhood across from the high school, there has also been an increasing demand for low and medium density housing in the southern bay area due to the high density development further north. Over the past few years, many families have been moving as far south as Gilroy in order to raise their families in a more rural and lower density area due to the increase in high-density development in San Francisco and San Jose. This development includes a mix of single-family and multi-family homes along with an integrated commercial component, per the definition of a neighborhood district. The design process consisted of establishing street and lot layouts, as well as designing utility systems with local connections. The final product addresses the need for sustainable, affordable, and family-friendly communities in the southern part of the Santa Clara Valley

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