Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.


Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

First Advisor

Tracy Abbott

Second Advisor

Sukhmander Singh


An expansion of McLaughlin-Walsh Residence at Santa Clara University was designed to provide additional housing accommodations to on-campus residents. The design included both the structural and geotechnical components. The proposed solution included a vertical expansion of the residence hall with the design of a podium to span over the existing structure to support an additional residential structure. The loads of the additional residential structure were estimated to complete the design of the podium structure. The podium was designed to support the estimated loads using reinforced concrete columns, steel beams, prefabricated trusses, and concrete on metal deck. The podium design was selected over other considered alternatives due to its ability to provide housing vertically, rather than expanding horizontally. Using the loads from the additional residential structure and the podium structure, the foundations were designed. Due to the large loads, reinforced concrete drilled shaft foundations were selected and designed. The podium and foundations were designed to accommodate three (3) residential floors above the existing residence hall, which would provide housing for an additional 200-250 students.