Teaching Writing Instruction Equitably to Multilingual Students at SCU

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My Canterbury project was born out of my work at the HUB as a writing tutor. When working at the HUB, I noticed how multilingual or English language learning students had struggled to find the resources they needed in their writing instruction. Often, professor feedback and direction didn't always seem to meet the needs of students who came from different language backgrounds. I saw how multilingual students generally lack the necessary direction and feedback on their papers–feedback that other students (most of whom primarily speak, or only speak English) receive in their instruction all of the time.

So I decided to propose a project that would more directly investigate how students can be supported. I interviewed 8 students (6 of whom speak more than one language) and 4 professors. With that interview data, I have developed a website to be a comprehensible document of where SCU is (at this moment) in terms of multilingual instruction. Hopefully, my website can serve to advance instruction in the coming years and amplify student voices.