Ryan Nazari

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Research Paper


In response to the lack of scholarly attention to modern Assyrian culture (i.e., mid-20th century to present), this paper creates a conversation between two Assyrian pieces of art––William Daniel’s poem “The Problem” and Andre Gvalevich’s oil painting portrait of William Daniel. In my argument, I show how “The Problem” and the portrait advance themes of loneliness/intimacy based on the aesthetic relationship between the artists and their respective audiences. I first define Peter Balakian’s account of aesthetics in his article “Poetry as Civilization” for my theoretical context. Secondly, I summarize and critique the methodologies of current scholarship that exist on my research topic. Thirdly, I analyze Daniel’s “The Problem” and Gvalevich’s oil painting through the lens of intimacy by conducting close-reading evidence. Lastly, I connect the analysis from my third section with the definition from my first section.



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