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An introduction to the village of Dimikuy, in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

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Friends of African Village Libraries


Dimikuy, Burkina Faso, Reading, West Africa


Editors: Elisée B.Saré, Michael Kevane. Friends of African Village Libraries is a non-profit organization with the goal to assist the rural poor of Africa with the creation of village libraries. FAVL has established and continues to manage fifteen libraries in Africa, ten in Burkina Faso, three in Ghana, one in Tanzania and one in Uganda. FAVL knows the importance of stocking libraries with books by local authors and in local languages. In order to provide relevant books, FAVL publishes books featuring photos and stories from the FAVL libraries. These books have been put together by a team of students who were a part of Santa Clara University's Reading West Africa Study abroad program. After three months in Burkina Faso, the students paired their experiences at FAVL libraries with their photography to create children's books tailored to the villages and their residents. Combining the books and FastPencil's innovative publishing technology will bring more culturally relevant books to African villages at a lower cost.

Bienvenue à Dimikuy



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