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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.



First Advisor

Prashanth Asuri

Second Advisor

Unyoung Kim

Third Advisor

Maryam Mobed-Miremadi


Traumatic hemorrhagic injuries present a great problem to humanity and a challenge to medicine in the modern world. Current methods of treating these injuries in the field are ineffective and often extremely overkill or injurious. These methods are particularly inadequate when applied to the continuous high pressure bleeding that occurs from arterial wounds. Our project focuses on lowering the barriers to entry to innovation in the field of bleeding treatment by creating a low cost model of the human circulatory system. This model can function as a low-cost testing platform for novel bleeding treatments developed by companies and individuals that do not have the resources to regularly purchase extremely expensive cardiovascular simulators. To this end we designed a tripartite model which included a heart-simulating pump, vessel-simulating vasculature, and blood-mimicking fluid. In order to ensure our device functioned as a testing platform, we performed some preliminary solution candidate tests on it which had the ancillary benefit of identifying one effective but biologically unsafe solution that could be translated into a safe and efficacious future solution. Ultimately we found that our system functioned well as a testing platform for traumatic injury treatments and that standard silicone sealant administered by injection into the vessels had the greatest efficacy in stopping bleeding.