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Santa Clara University

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Unyoung Kim


The purpose of this project was to improve upon the functionality of a micro-motion controller designed by another senior design group at this university. The original controller design facilitated motion in only two dimensions, and by modifying the platform of the design to accommodate another axis of rotation, we were able to achieve a full range of 3-D motion in our own product. Additionally, we designed a new system in which a motor could be mounted on the base plate of the device which would rotate the upper platform on its own through a simple belt-and-pulley system. And lastly, we designed and added a gripper to the end of the rotating arm that can effectively grab and move objects. Ideally, this project exists as a rudimentary display of the concepts used in various other micro-motion output devices in the biotech industry, such as the DaVinci robotic surgery machine. Practically, we were able to produce a product that was an effective redesign of a system that lacked any sort of 3-D motion.