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Santa Clara University

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Prashanth Asuri


The objective of our project is to remove the liquid adhesive from the manufacturing process of the Asante Snap’s insulin pump body housing; while maintaining IPX7 waterproofing standards. To meet this objective we created a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) to seal and waterproof the pumps. To reduce human error and increase consistency of application we created a press. We did validation testing to confirm that our PSA had the capability to seal the housing. We were able to prove that our PSA was a viable method to replace liquid adhesive. The PSA demonstrated the capability to meet all the requirements that Asante had given for the project. The design of the PSA that we propose is the optimal for the current design of the housings. With this in mind our solution still needs small alterations to the housing to allow for the PSA to completely seal the pumps to Asante Solutions standards.

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