Delivery of therapeutics using carbon nanomaterials

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American Scientific Publishers


Carbon nanomaterials have found niche applications in biomedicine and drug delivery because of their unique combinations of properties, including high surface area per unit mass for high drug payloads, relative ease of surface functionalization for different biological applications, strong magnetic resonance signals that allows their use as imaging agents, and the ability to transduce light energy into heat for remotely triggered interventions. This book chapter reviews the use of carbon nanomaterials for the delivery of therapeutics such as small-molecule drugs, proteins, radionuclides, photosensitizers, and oligonucleotides, as therapeutic and theranostic agents, and for in vitro manipulation of stem cells for cell transplantation therapy. Key works that demonstrate proof-of-principle of the capabilities and strengths of carbon nanomaterials for therapeutic applications are highlighted.

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Nanoparticles for Catalysis, Energy and Drug Delivery


Ramesh S. Chaughule
Anant R. Kapdi