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The podcast features the voices, struggles and experiences of Dreamers, undocumented and DACAmented students at SCU through a sociopolitical and intersectional legal analysis of the policies that have led to heightened anti-immigrant discourses, which have inevitably impacted our students. Through this podcast student researchers-archivists, who are also activists, document the structural factors that account for immigration to the U.S., and the histories of displacement that transmigrant and migrant families and youth experiences, and how these manifest in student experiences. Students also highlight the histories of sanctuary for immigrants, while offering possibilities for what our campus community can and must continue to do to ensure that Dreamers are embraced and supported fully at SCU. Understanding the history of Dreamers provides a timely and necessary context to the contemporary undocu-student struggles and challenges, as well as their radical hope, calls for inclusion, dignity, and rights to belong and have access to education.