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This study examines in its context one variant of the Spanish romance of Delgadina transmuted into a Mexican corrido. Acknowledging the studies by Beatriz Mariscal and the feminist interpretations of Maria Henera-Sobek, this study is a departure from past critical work in that it attempts to examine the cognitive effect on both singers and listeners of the modern corrido form and the continuity of the tale and the theme of incest. Memory systems generated through popular song are examined as they relate to Delgadina's purpose as a tale, in terms of its social and moral message and impact. Interviews were conducted with one corridista (popular song writer), and several respondents familiar with the song on both sides of the border (Mexico's northern region of Chihuahua, and El Paso, Texas), and their discourse analyzed in order to illuminate the continuity and variants of the folk song Delgadina and its social and political implications.

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From “Wunderfhorn” to the Internet: Perspectives on Coneptions of “Folk Song” and the Editing of Traditional Songs


John Eckhard
Tobias Widmaier


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