Silicon Valley Sociological Review


Madison Hoffman


The state of California is home to more immigrants than any other state. Local community-based organizations and public health nonprofits are essential in both meeting and advocating for the needs and rights of immigrant populations. Prior research has documented the several social determinants of health and significant barriers to good health faced by immigrant communities, including higher rates of power, generally lower rates of health insurance, utilization of services and treatment, as well as a greater number of negative experiences within the healthcare system. Immigrant communities additionally often experience discrimination and racism which can further contribute to health disparities. This study examined various factors important for achieving good health including location of health service utilization. Furthermore, this study assessed the role of local nonprofits in being able to understand their clients and how to best serve and meet their needs. To do this, spatial data related to an East San Jose nonprofit was analyzed. Findings make clear the essential role of community health centers in providing low-cost, high-quality care.



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