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Filipinx/a/o-Americans are the second largest Asian American population yet are often underrepresented in research studies and media, while predominantly East Asians remain the center focus. Issues and experiences of subpopulations within minority groups are often overshadowed by the dominant group and essentially erased. Therefore, disaggregating data persists as an important way to understand the differences between subgroups and to ultimately create effective strategies to remediate these inequities. This current study looks to further examine the research question: What experiences shape Filipinx/a/o-American college students’ mental health? Specifically how does family, religion, immigration, racial stereotypes (e.g., model minority myth), and acculturation at a PWI (predominantly white institution) contribute to their mental health? Due to the limited amount of research on the topic of Filipinx/a/o- Americans and mental health, this research aims to fill the gap of disaggregated data as well as incorporate more methods of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR).


CBPR (Community Based Participatory Research) Racial Justice Fellowship

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