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8 - ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES? By Miriam Schulman. Beyond the hype of the headlines, there are no simple answers to the ethical questions raised by genetically modified food.

14 - BRAVE NEW WORLD By Tamara Straus. Now the lawyers want inside your head as they struggle to answer, "Who owns an idea?" Just the mere question is changing the face of legal education.

18 - THE GREAT GRADE GIVEAWAY By Jeff Zorn. Today's grades don't mean jack. So says one Santa Clara professor in this memoir and commentary on the evils of modern day grade inflation.

22 - BOOKS FOR THE BEACH What are you reading this summer? Eight endowed professors recommend books for your beach bag.

Publication Date

Summer 2000


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2000.


Arts and Humanities | Business | Education | Engineering | Law | Life Sciences | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences


John Kovacevich

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 42 Number 1, Summer 2000

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