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11 - SENIOR SEMINAR Elderhostel brings a different kind of student to Santa Clara. By Christine Spielberger '69

14 - DAYS RICH WITH EMPTINESS A noted Catholic writer reflects on his annual retreat to a Trappist abbey, a respite from the daily stress of getting and spending. In a related article, he discusses "The Inner Experience," an unpublished book by Thomas Merton that examines the modern contemplative lifestyle. By Mitch Finley '73

22 - WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? The image of an all -male Senate committee weighing the merits of Anita Hill 's charges against Clarence Thomas spurred a group of Bay Area women to create 20%+ by 2020, a group dedicated to increasing female representation in government and top corporate management. By Sallie Lycette '86

24 - DUNGEON OF THE MIND A young woman tells of her battle with clinical depression, a disease that afflicts an estimated 20 million Americans. By Kathy Dalle-Molle '85

28 - UP CLOSE: SAM HERNANDEZ Organic materials and multicultural influences evolve into bold, earthy images at the hands of SCU's resident sculptor. By Maureen Mclnaney '85

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Fall 1992


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Elise Banducci

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 35 Number 1, Fall 1992

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