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14 - HEARING THE CRY OF THE POOR: The Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador by Ron Hansen M.A. ’95. Their murder in November 1989 marked a turning point in the country’s civil war. What do they have to say to us now?

25 - THE OPEN WINDOW by Lucía Cerna. A first-person account by the housekeeper in the Jesuit community at the University of Central America. She witnessed the killing of six Jesuits by government soldiers, and telling the truth about that night cost her dearly.

29 - WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? By Mary Jo (Hull) Ignoffo ’78. The historian who has brought Lucía Cerna’s story to the page in the new book La Verdad writes how tragedy in El Salvador bound Santa Clara to the battered country more deeply than ever.

36 - FOOTBALL RETURNS TO SANTA CLARA by Ann Killion. Six decades ago, Tony Morabito ’31 brought pro football to the Bay Area. Now the San Francisco 49ers have come to play where that dream began—and where they’ve been training for the past 15 years.

43 - BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME by Sam Scott ’96. Raising the first football stadium in California in 50 years—and making it a Silicon Valley icon—was both a marathon and a sprint for Jonathan Harvey ’91 and Devcon Construction.

44 - USE YOUR HEAD by Jack Bowen. Examining the ethics of football concussions.

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