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18 - WE, ROBOTS By John Deever. Adventures with the Robotics Systems Laboratory by land, sea, and sky. And in orbit.

20 - SARAH KATE WILSON VS. GODZILLA By Jeff Gire. Tackling big problems- like attracting more women to engineering and transferring mountains of data through the air.

22 - DELUGE AND DROUGHT By Erica Klarreich. Lessons in how to wedge more data into less space-and build a smarter energy grid.

24 - BUILDING BIOMEDICAL TESTS By Melissae Fellet. Where engineering meets biology, the work ranges from diagnosing voice disorders to tracking toxicity in the brain.

26 - THE LONG VIEW By Justin Gerdes. Construction and design: Make it safer, stronger, and do it all sustainably. 28 - Drago's gold By Sam Scott '96. From an Olympic water polo medal to designing systems for the rocket that put men on the Moon.

30 - WINGs By Paul Totah '79. For a century, John J. Montgomery has been given short shrift when it comes to his role as an aviation pioneer. It's time to set things right.

32 - CAN YOU STAND THE HEAT? By Steven Boyd Saum. To design a heat shield that could get the Curiosity rover through the atmosphere of Mars, NASA turned to a team headed by Robin Beck '77.

34 - THE MILLION-DOLLAR LEAVEY CHALLENGE By Jeff Gire. SCU can receive a major grant- but needs gifts from 9,000 undergraduate alumni to make it happen.

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