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Dear George: Peace!

Your request for my impressions on the 32nd General Congregation of the Society is here on my desk. A letter is a better form for my remarks. It indicates their character: personal, impressionistic, tentative, and somewhat hesitant. They come out of my random experiences and out of my own attempts to read these experiences. They draw into a unity my personal interpretation of the General Congregation, especially what it might mean for the Society within the United States. They are tentative because they possess all of the shaky particularity of the prudential interpretation, that amassing of so many singulars, of so many hunches and guesses and half-understood conversations, that any claim to certitude would be exaggeration. They are hesitant because the winter of 1974-1975 remains a very recent memory, and more time is demanded for that definitive judgment of value which only the lived reaction of the Society can furnish. And so, my friend, let me write a public letter to you, the director of the Seminar on Jesuit Spirituality—this letter to say something about the meaning of the Thirty-second General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.


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