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Thousands of businesses in the United States have implemented programs to promote physical fitness among their employees (Falkenberg, 1987). The programs range from company-paid memberships at private health and fitness clubs to complete work site fitness facilities. These programs have been developed not only to improve and maintain employee health but also to promote psychological well-being and productivity and to reduce absenteeism, insurance claims, and stress. Recent research focusing on the use of employee fitness programs to improve work-related behaviors suggests that these programs may improve absenteeism, job satisfaction, tenure. and health care costs, especially among female employees (Baun, Bernacki, & Tsai, 1986; Bernacki & Baun, 1984; Browne, Russell, Morgan, Optenberg, & Clarke, 1984; Der-Karabetian & Gebharp, 1986; Tsai, Baun, & Bernacki, 1987).

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Biological effects of physical activity


R.S. Williams
A.G. Wallace


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