The Media and Intra-Elite Communication in Poland: Summary Report

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The Rand Corporation


Summarizes the major features of the Polish media system, describes the specific roles and editorial processes of major types of media, and analyzes the relationship between divergences of view that appear in the media and intra-elite discussion, debate, and controversy. Conclusions are presented for Western analysts, whose understanding of Polish affairs is based at least partly on a reading of the open Polish media. The report emphasizes the process by which politically significant material appears in the media of a Communist country, in contrast to earlier studies, which are generally based on content analysis. The principal data source is information obtained from extensive interviews with emigres formerly involved in the media process, as writers, journalists, editors, censors, and government and Party officials. Detailed analyses and documentation of the research are presented in companion Notes N-1514/1, N-1514/2, N-1514/3, N-1514/4, N-1514/5.