Position Dependence in the CDMS II ZIP Detectors

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American Institute of Physics


The Ge and Si detectors developed by the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) II experiment rely on the simultaneous detection of athermal phonons and ionization produced by interactions in the crystal. The athermal phonons provide both the total energy deposited in an interaction and the information about the position of the interaction. We describe extracting this information from the pulse shapes in the four phonon sensors. We present the result of measurements made on a Si detector from the first CDMS II production batch. We also investigate ways of using the event position information to extract further information about the phonon signal.


F. Scott Porter
Dan McCammon
Massimiliano Galeazzi
Caroline K. Stahle


Copyright © 2002 American Institute of Physics Publishing. Reprinted with permission.

Low Temperature Detectors: Ninth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (Madison, Wisconsin, July 2001)