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Content: 2909 entries, Arroyo’s sentence list (approximately 1807-1815, more than a century before Harrington’s work with Mutsun, and in the Mission context). Many entries are short phrases of an everyday nature; some entries are names of Tribes and peoples; various words for actions (verbs); many phrases include questions (interrogatives), commands (imperatives), or simple statements (declaratives); names for plants, seeds, edible roots, and herbs; words for body parts; names for birds and other animals; words for foods and types of food made from acorns; some terms for baskets; short sentences about states of emotion; sentences that mention water and the movements of types of bodies of water; kinship terms; descriptive phrases (to be thick/thin/muddy/dry, to be fat/skinny/white/small etc.); words and phrases that refer to illness or injury; many phrases include reference to fire or firewood, being cold or being warmed by a fire.



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