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Content: 208 entries. Harrington’s own work on Mutsun as well as rehearings of Rumsen and/or Esselen. Words and phrases related to various foods, plants, roots, medicines, and related gathering/subsistence activities; words and phrases related to smoking tobacco; phrases related to sweathouse activities; various phrases and words. Some entries include cultural information about the plant in English or Spanish. Most plant terms appear as a series of the name for one of the plant, the name for it as object of the sentence, the name for more than one of it, the name for more than one as object of the sentence, the related verb for collecting/harvesting the plant, and the form for going to collect the plant (noun as singular, singular object, plural, plural object, related verb, verb with -na andative suffix). Some actions (verbs) are given in various forms (to be short, becomes short, became short, will be short, etc.).

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