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Content: 455 entries. Harrington’s own work on Mutsun, not rehearings of other language materials. Terms for family members and relationships (kinship terms) in entries 1-216; entries 217-250 contain the Mutsun version of the first part of the story of One-Leg (the only traditional story recorded in Mutsun). Entries 253-346 contain place names reheard from Merriam’s list of place names, and 380-415 contain mostly moreplace names, probably also rehearing of Merriam’s list. Entries 347-368 mostly contain words relating todoctoring and traditional culture, as well as locations of the heavens and earth. Entries 369-377 containprotected cultural material that has been removed from the public version of the collection. Entries 416 to theend are mostly individual words about plants and animals, as well as some words for culturally important thingsor people. Entries 369-377 have been omitted from this document to keep some cultural content private. The complete version that contains this material is available to Community members.



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