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Content: 1353 entries. Some entries are repeated from elsewhere in this chapter or other chapters. Includes Harrington’s partial rehearing of Arroyo’s Grammatica and a few Mutsun language entries from Harrington’s “San Juan Report”. Entries 1261-1310 contain a lengthy discussion of traditional practices using tobacco. Most of this seems to be fluent connected speech, not word-by-word elicitation of specific words. Entries 597-607 contain a full Mutsun translation of the Lord’s Prayer. The rest of this chapter contains many various words, phrases, and activities; short possessive phrases (his/her___); words for wounds and illnesses; descriptive phrases concerning people; numbers and count nouns; many short command phrases (imperatives) and statements (declaratives); several phrases about giving and getting things; terms related to time or daytime; seasons; many question phrases (interrogatives); locations related to how close or far something is; phrases related to arriving and leaving, and coming and going; some phrases related to birthing; religious terms and prayers; types of baskets; some profanities.

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