Survey of Exchange Readership

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Last Fall you asked if I would conduct a survey of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society membership regarding their opinions about EXCHANGE and soliciting their ideas about how subscriptions might be increased. A pilot instrument was developed, based on a telephone pilot study. The survey was comprised of 16 closed-ended questions each measured on a five-point Likert scale. These questions asked how valuable and useful people found the various sections of the journal, how much of each issue they read, if they had attended an OB Teaching Conference, sent a manuscript to EXCHANGE for review and how satisfied they were with the review process, why people did not subscribe to EXCHANGE, and the like. In addition, there were seven open-ended questions which covered such topics as what they wanted to see changed, or improved, or added to the journal, why they might not read certain sections, what other publications they saw overlapping with EXCHANGE, and what they thought could be done to increase subscriptions.