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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Hohyun Lee


We developed an inexpensive refrigeration system that will operate off-grid through the use of reclaimed heat from cookstoves. The refrigerator will serve as a reliable storage unit that will maintain vaccines at a proper temperature range. This report focuses on the various components that make up our Cool Stove project. The overall system and subsystems are laid out and explained. We also address the reason why we believe this project will be beneficial to individuals in developing countries. In addition, we provide detail on the work that we have accomplished and on the results that we have achieved. We created a system capable of transferring enough heat for a limited time, and that we were able to provide cooling to the refrigerator. Included in this repmt are also future considerations that we believe will improve our design, for example, adding more heat pipes to the system. One last pmt that we provide are the specifications of our project, it has all the information that is needed to understand the scope of the project and its different requirements.