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Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2015.

First Advisor

Drazen Fabris

Second Advisor

Calvin Tszeng


This document discusses the design, analysis, manufacturing and testing of the One-Ride human powered vehicle which was entered into the 2015 ASME West Coast HPVC Competition. The goal of the vehicle is to entice people to switch from gas powered vehicles to the One-Ride for trips of up to 20 miles round trip. The One-Ride design features fully adjustable seating and steering positions and was designed to fit anyone between the heights of 5'2" and 6'4" comfortably. The seat is adjusted using metal sliders, manufactured in the SCU machine shop, which fit into brackets attached to the frame. The bike features telescopic steering which is adjusted by the loosening and tightening of collar clamps. To increase the strength and safety of the frame, the welding and heat treatment were contracted to industry professionals. The frame was welded by Chavez Welding and heat treated by Byington Steel Treating. Deformation in the seat frame during heat treatment prevented full adjustability of the seat, however was secured in its middle position for testing. The wheelbase of the bike is 73.33 in and has an overall height of 50.77 in. . Slop in the steering caused instability at low speeds, which prevented the bike from being ridden in the ASME HPVC Competition. Design solutions to both of these problems have been identified. At the completion of senior design, the manufacturing is still ongoing.