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Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2014.

First Advisor

Nikola Djordjevic


The goal of this project is to improve the energy production of small wind turbines (rated less than 100 kW) by increasing wind velocity at the turbine blades through the design of a shroud attachment. The design process involves the analysis of various computer aided design (CAD) nozzle/diffuser shroud geometries. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling is used to analyze the effect of shroud features on velocity and pressure fields. A 3D printed scale model is tested in a wind tunnel with strain gauges and pressure transducers to validate the CFD data. The resulting design locally increases velocity by a factor of 1.47, and subsequent energy yield by a factor of 3.18 when compared to the performance of an unshrouded turbine. Additionally, the CFD modeling of the shroud was validated through pressure measurements along the shroud.