VEX robotics

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Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2014.

First Advisor

Mohammad A. Ayoubi


The objective of our project was to design and construct a control system for communication between two autonomous robots, of different size and capabilities, in an environment with numerous obstacles and challenges. These challenges, completed autonomously, involved moving over and under barriers along with the obtainment and transportation of spherical objects. Our project was tied to the VEX Robotics competition environment as we tested our robots by competing at the World Championships. Unfortunately, due to time and budget considerations, we had to scale back our sensor subsystem. This led to a simpler control system than originally intended; however, we were successful at the competition, and built robots that were efficient and economic in design. Our results proved that our robot designs were more agile and maneuverable than our opponents when it came to manipulating environment elements, and that our scaled back autonomous programs were still very effective in disrupting opponent robots' routines and strategies.