The LibValue Project: Three Reports on Values, Outcomes, and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries

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Purdue University Press


Values, Outcomes, and Return on Investment of Ac‐ ademic Libraries ("Lib‐Value"), a three year study funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Ser‐ vices (IMLS), is testing multiple methods for meas‐ uring multiple values of academic libraries to stake‐ holders. Lib‐Value primary partners include the Uni‐ versity of Tennessee, University of Illinois, Syracuse University, and the Association of Research Librar‐ ies, with many other academic libraries participat‐ ing in individual studies (http://libvalue.cci.utk.edu/). Lib‐Value is looking at the contribution of the library to the university’s functional areas of research, teaching and learning, and socialization or community building now and into the future. It is examining the value, outcomes, and return on investment of many library collec‐ tions, services, and physical space issues. JISC Col‐ lections funded an expansion of the study of the value of scholarly collections to six universities in the U.K.


The theme of the 2011 Charleston Conference, the annual event that explores issues in book and serial acquisition, was “Something’s Gotta Give.” The conference, held November 2–5, 2011, in Charleston, SC, included 9 pre-meetings, more than 10 plenaries, and over 120 concurrent sessions.