International Collaborations: Librarians Without Borders and Librii in Ghana

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Canadian Library Association


In 2011, Librarians Without Borders began a partnership with Librii to assist this fellow nonprofit organization with developing its vision of building a Carnegie-inspired model of libraries across Africa.

Librarians Without Borders (LWB), founded in February 2005 at the University of Western Ontario, is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve access to information resources regardless of language, geography, or religion, by forming partnerships with community organizations in developing regions. Powered by student committees at five Canadian universities and a volunteer Executive Team and Board of Directors, LWB’s vision is to build sustainable libraries, support librarians, and use librarian know-how to drive lasting and sustainable development of information resources around the world.

Librii is a subsidiary of Libraries Across Africa, founded in 2010 with roots at Rice University in Texas. Librii’s vision is to work with communities to build a network of low-cost, digitally powered libraries deployed along the expanding fiber-optic infrastructure in the developing world.