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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.

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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)


George Griener


This thesis explores what exactly is meant when we speak of a “good education” for indigenous peoples. What type of indigenous education can help to transform inequity in educational outcomes, engage socio-ecological degradation, inculturate the faith, and preserve the rich culture? An education that integrates the various dimensions of human existence and is oriented toward integral human development and care for all creation is an integral ecological education.

Integral ecological education is contextual since communities’ challenges and visions of living well vary. It is also intercultural, bilingual, integral (in the sense of integrating all dimensions of human life including the spiritual), relational, and ecological. Addressing academic underperformance is important for a Church that wishes to engage in a process of inculturation and evangelization in the Amazon. Inculturation provides a space for the Church to engage in a mutually enriching dialogue with indigenous cultures especially at this time of global socio-environmental destruction. Dialogue enriches the Church’s understanding of integral ecological education and its dimensions. Indigenous cultures have much to teach us about living well. Both inculturation and evangelization proclaim a Christ who came to liberate us from every oppressive and sinful structure. An integral ecological education is one that helps communities and individuals to flourish within their contexts.

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