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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.


General Engineering

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Jessica Kuczenski


The team has taken notice of the limitations disabled people in wheelchairs experience in everyday life due to the insufficiencies of their wheelchairs. The purpose of this project is to create a wheelchair that is affordable for users and enables them to have more freedom when it comes to their areas of travel. Our wheelchair would allow patients to be more integrated into society by not only having more freedom in the areas that they can travel, but also to be a part of the economic society by potentially providing services to people with their updated mode of transport.

The wheelchair shall be geared toward all-pavement use that features a lever-drive propulsion system coupled with disc brakes, and a mechanical advantage gearing system. The concept of this wheelchair is inspired by lever-driven wheelchairs currently on the market, through which users gain continued mobility and freedom in exploring the outdoors.

Lastly, the wheelchair will be competitively priced compared to other wheelchairs on the market because it is more sustainable. The incorporation of reused bike frames will both reduce waste into the environment as well as make our product more affordable due to lowered demand for newly machined parts.

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