Date of Award


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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Laura Doyle

Second Advisor

Hohyun Lee

Third Advisor

Sarah Kate Wilson


The project objective is to create a durable, off-the-grid, large-scale aquaponics system consisting of over 90 sq. ft of growing space, a 650-gallon fishpond, and four types of sensors to transmit water quality data to the internet for remote water quality monitoring. The end goal of the project is to supplement produce grown in the garden to further increase fresh, nutritional options available in meals cooked and distributed by Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen to combat food insecurity in San Jose. This report presents the need for a system, details the various subsystems, and the rationale for the designs. It serves as a comprehensive guide to all the work that has been completed, provides an outlook for future iterations, and demonstrates the viability of aquaponics as an efficient method to grow food.