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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Ahmed Amer

Second Advisor

Sally Wood


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly receiving mainstream attention and adoption. As a result, new technologies are developing to store and transact cryptocurrencies to keep up with a rapidly developing market. We have developed a way to utilize a mobile phone to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain in order to monitor and initiate cryptocurrency transactions. The project allows users to create new Ethereum addresses and to send arbitrary amounts of Ether to existing Ethereum addresses, while maintaining security for the end user. We conclude that this method of communication with the Ethereum blockchain is viable and is an avenue for exploration in the future. As a result from this project, we anticipate a growth of new cryptocurrency applications on mobile devices. Furthermore, the various security features utilized in this project such as pin randomization, mnemonic recovery, and hardware level encryption can be implemented in other applications to increase security for all users.

Available for download on Monday, June 15, 2020