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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Computer Engineering; Bioengineering

First Advisor

Prashanth Asuri

Second Advisor

Christopher Kitts

Third Advisor

Maria Pantoja


3D bioprinting is an emerging technology that is changing the face of tissue engineering through the ability to print cells, scaffolding and matrix materials, and other bioactive reagents. 3D bioprinters are a culmination of various scientific and engineering disciplines with respect to their operation and bioprints, and as such, offer a prime case study on the convergence of the technical fields in research. In order to capitalize on this fact and make 3D bioprinting more accessible for interdisciplinary education applications, we sought to translate 3D bioprinting into the classroom environment as a tool for education. In collaboration with SE3D Education, a start-up that manufactures affordable desktop 3D bioprinters, we designed biological array experiments and software that allows students to easily design and bioprint their own experiments using the SE3D R3bel Classroom 3D Bioprinter. Through extending the utility of a desktop 3D bioprinter into the hands of students, we hope to assist schools in administering interdisciplinary, hands-on instruction, and empowering students to become proficient in the next generation of technological tools.