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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Christopher Kitts

Second Advisor

Sally Wood


The drone industry has rapidly grown over the last three years and many large companies have determined that the phenomenon is worth investing in. Recently, Intel has shown interest in this growing industry. Intel developed a next generation processor to be used in drones in addition to investing in the Chinese drone hardware company, Yuneec. Contracted by Intel, the CuriPilot team laid the foundation for linking the hardware and software layers of Intel's drone technology by designing the stabilization control system for the next generation of processors and drones. The CuriPilot team built a foundation for future drone development and gave Intel valuable feedback on both the hardware and software being used with the Curie processor. Looking forward, future development can easily be started with the new EarHart boards and existing drone frames. The elusive system bugs have been fixed and the EarHart board provides a stable environment to continue autopilot development.