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Fall 2006


Wisconsin Historical Society


The “We Say What We Think” Club: This article discusses the radio program “We Say What We Think Club” which aired on WIBA radio from 1937 to 1957. Though aimed at a female audience, it did not focus on homemaking tips or relationship advice but rather featured a topic-of-the-day. These included a wide range of subjects, such as "Better Clubs for Women" or "Feeding the Family in War Time,” about which the women held a folksy discussion. The author contends that the program reflected an increasing separation of gender spheres that emerged on farms during that era. The five Dane County women who hosted the show -- Sibylle Mitchell (1890-1980) of Cottage Grove, Ruth King of Madison, Isabel Baumann (1918-1977) of Sun Prairie, Grace Langer of Marshall, and Selma Sorenson of Klevenville -- are profiled.


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