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The objective was to design and test a survey to measure and track AAA’s social impact on an ongoing basis. The survey’s purpose is to showcase AAA’s transformative effect on the lives of artisan beneficiaries and their communities.

Research Process

Social impact reporting requires resources to administer. As a result, significant consideration was given to ensure a sustainable, cost effective solution that preserves data quality. The research team performed six weeks of in-field research, consisting of formal and informal interviews with artisans, AAA employees, and community members. The team developed, piloted, and finalized an impact survey. This report formalizes its findings and recommendations.

The Survey

The survey instrument measures 7 areas of impact - education, health, savings, income, nutrition, housing, and empowerment. The context of each question and potential uses for answers are explained in this report. The report also explains best practices for in-person interviews and data collection using mobile devices with the DeviceMagic app. Modifications to the survey are likely to ensure impact reporting is continual, relevant, and accurate.

Estimated Cost

The survey will likely cost $120-200 to administer, take 2-3 employees 7-10 field days to complete, with 4-10 hours of setup time.



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