Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 9 Special Issue #2


Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 9 Special Issue #2


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One needs only a cursory examination of recent news to recognize that university scandals are commonplace: the admissions fraud scandal in elite universities; the cheating scandal at Harvard; athletic/academic fraud at the University of North Carolina; the rape allegations at the University of Virginia; the settlement at University of Colorado over the dismissal of a faculty member; the hazing death at Florida A&M University; the firing of the President and football coach at Penn State in light of sexual misconduct; the pepper-spraying of students at the University of California at Davis, etc. Despite their proliferation, such cases are rarely examined as ethical issues and even more seldom understood as symptomatic of a larger cultural issue on college campuses. This issue of the Journal of Moral Theology begins to fill this gap in the scholarship on the ethics of university culture.

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Journal of Moral Theology


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Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 9 Special Issue #2