Mental Disorders of the New Millennium [3 volumes] (Abnormal Psychology)


Mental Disorders of the New Millennium [3 volumes] (Abnormal Psychology)



Tragically, the daily news is filled with stories about hurtful and seemingly mystifying problems in human behavior. Each morning we face news stories about murder, suicide, drunken driving accidents, child molestation, drug abuse, gambling, criminal behavior, and so forth. The cover stories of news magazines from Time and Newsweek to U.S. News and World Report often focus on abnormal psychology and behavior connected to these particular topics, as well as to autism, child hyperactivity, depression, eating disorders, and more. In these volumes, experts in their respective fields draw together compelling chapters on the abnormal psychology and resulting behaviors that are today most often and most dramatically at issue in our world, including such topics as workaholism. Written with accessibility in mind, the set is intended to bridge the gap between research monographs and self-help books, to give layreaders and students solid and up to date information without having to translate jargon-heavy text.

Most people today are impacted by abnormal behavior or mental illness in some way. Some suffer from their own mental disorders or live with someone who does. Others have been victimized by people experiencing abnormal psychology, including the 20% of American women and 15% of American men reporting they were sexually abused as children. Mental illness and abnormal behavior touches all of us. This set can help us cope.



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Mental Disorders of the New Millennium [3 volumes] (Abnormal Psychology)