The Right Taxi


The Right Taxi



This poetry book is divided into three parts. The first deals largely with different types of personalities, the "ghosts" referred to in the opening quote by Shakespeare. The second part, told mostly by a first-person narrator, speaks of the joys, trials, sufferings and puzzles of life. The third part is fanciful and revolves around the fun we can have in imagining animals who have more consciousness than we give them credit for. There are these ghosts, journeys and fantasies in everyone's life. They may be fearful and adventurous, and they may also be humorous and even outlandish; they often celebrate life, they come together at our common destination, death. But if we examine all of them carefully, we usually discover that they lead us to an inner spark of reality, to the point where the mundane meets the transcendent. And there we find that the mundane has more to offer than we thought: it is a pathway to meaning. These poems find their meaning, ultimately, in a God who, in the first, flush moments of creation, raised the dust of the universe to the level of spirit.



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The Right Taxi