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Contents: In Memoriam: Louis I. Bannan, S.J.; Letter from the Director; Phylum Universitatis, Genus, Catholicus: A Field Guide; In Response to: Phylum . . . A Field Guide; Jesuit Activities in Focus: Jesuit Undergraduate Education as Catholic; Reflections of a Non-Catholic at Santa Clara University; Who Is My Neighbor? HIV/AIDS”My Wake-Up Call; Book reviews: Cultivating Humanity - A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education, Who Killed Homer: The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom; Rendering Unto Caesar: The Catholic Church and the State in Latin America; Amazing Grace; Grant Recipients; Visiting Appointments; Coming Events: Lecture Series, Spirituality Series; Next Issue

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Fall 1998


Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education at Santa Clara University




Catholic Studies | Higher Education

explore, Fall 1998: Jesuits and academic culture



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