Healing heartburns and radically dreaming the new university into being: Retrospective auto-ethnographic poetries

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American Psychological Association


We crafted our article in the spirit of decolonial women of color writings, as we engaged a retrospective auto-ethnographic methodology through poetries. We conceptualize auto-ethnography as a method rooted in Cherrie Moraga’s theory in the flesh. Retrospective auto-ethnography aids us in our process of looking back as we produce poetries in the present and toward the future. Our poetries are informed by the subjectivities that locate us within the neoliberal university’s coloniality of power. By reflecting upon our experiences in the neoliberal university, specifically the racism, institutional apathy, willful ignorance, and commodification of knowledge, we imagine the New University as it should be in rejection to what it is. Our poetries about and in resistance to the neoliberal university reflect our decolonial imaginations and desires. The New University is a space that affirms our humanity by cultivating communities of care and decentering of power in knowledge production.