Connor Grogan

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Research Paper

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The purpose of this research is to identify the causes and consequences of forming groups within this cultural sphere, specifically focusing on the LGBTQ community. I would contend that the inclusion and exclusion of this marginalized group which exists within a larger community can be promoted or amplified by hegemonic forces through the use of popular culture and mass media. Firstly, with regards to this paper, I will identify what hegemonic power dynamics are within the context of the thesis, as well as what it means to be a marginalized group without much force within a power dynamic. Secondly, I will then explain how I collected the resources I will reference in later slides and any results I may have found. I will examine both qualitative and quantitative data from scholarly journals later in the piece. To create a holistic, unbiased review and presentation of the results found, both instances of inclusivity and exclusivity will be used to determine how mass media perpetuates their beliefs and any consequences that might follow. I will subsequently extend the research to include a younger audience as well to explore the developmental effects of the inclusion and exclusion of groups on youth. Lastly, I will explain why the importance of inclusion should matter to a larger audience and how we can identify biases in media.



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