Rania Ansari

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Research Paper

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This article covers the fears of digital contact tracing during the current pandemic. Citizens do have the right to be understandably uncertain about trusting the government because of past instances such as security breaches ranging from NSA security leaks to personal voter data exposure. The information provided in this paper should, additionally, make it easier for those who are worried about contact tracing and their rights to understand what is implied by the phrases “digital contact tracing” and “data privacy.” The novel coronavirus pandemic calls for urgent, necessary, and effective safety methods, including data analytics, surveillance, and Artificial Intelligence that do not infringe on fundamental human rights. Apps such as these can be appropriately and efficiently implemented while ensuring personal data protection and privacy. By outlining the history behind America’s mistrust of their government and current misinformation from the government, it will be made clear why so many citizens are hesitant to go full throttle on technology that uses data so personal such as location, contacts, and even (in some cases) credit card information. Analyzing other countries’ applications of digital contact tracing and the effectiveness will help us gain insight into how these apps will positively help the battle against the coronavirus. Delving into how these contact tracing apps work specifically, we can obtain a more educated perspective on the advancements being made in technology to safeguard user privacy, such as apps that can “scramble” the data being accumulated. I will also outline the current safety regulations in place and possible future guarantees that developers and corporations can make to assure consumers that their information is protected and not being misused.


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