Jenna Bucher

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Research Paper

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This article explores the misconceptions of the life of a college student and the daily struggles that get overlooked. Colleges provide support for the most prevalent cases of mental illness but disregard those who do not display these obvious signs. This focus on only those with extreme needs leaves the majority of students feeling lost and not knowing where to go for help; their feelings are not warranted and unless they are suicidal, it is not of a concern. I will argue that on top of the stresses of acclimating to college, daily work and social pressures, social media has become an additional, significant source of stress inducer for students. Students feel like they cannot ask for help because they risk ruining this “perfect college image” that is displayed all over social media. By examining this lesser publicized problem, I will show that forms of popular media and social media are ruining the college experience for many and not addressing the issues of lower levels of mental illness.



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